How Can You Publish a Book

Although a lot of people would like to publish a book, only a few end up doing it. If you have a lot of ideas or experience you would like to share with the world, you can do it by publishing your own book. You can self-publish your own book if you don’t want to use the traditional publishing technique. Print on demand, subsidy, vanity and self-publishing are some of the publishing models you can use. However, don’t expect to write a crappy book and have good sales. Here is a guide on how you can publish a book:

1. Choose a topic


This is one of the hardest parts because most writers don’t know what they want to write about. There are numerous topics to choose from including politics, business, romance, marriage, relationships etc. You need to write all the topics you are interested in and then narrow down them to a few topics. Then, take each topic and write possible subtopics to determine whether you will find enough content to write, whether it’s viable and whether the topic has interested readers before you start your research about the topic.


2. Write your book


You don’t need a lot of experience to write a book. The only thing you should be focused on is the ability to communicate to your readers in a clear, concise and interesting manner. You just need to write your ideas down before you refine the book later on. Have a strict writing schedule where you dedicate a certain amount of time every day.


3. Edit your book


Whether you are a good writer or you are just beginning, you need to get an editor to go through your book before you publish it. An editor will polish your work, make sure that the book has a flow and remove any mistakes and ideas that you shouldn’t have when publishing the book. This is an important step that should not be skipped whatsoever. Remember, you can start editing the book yourself before sending it to an editor for further editing.


4. Decide on a title


The title of your book is very essential because it can determine how people will respond after you’ve published your book. You can have a title which is shorter and a sub-title that is longer to offer an explanation on how the book will benefit the reader. You can research online, get reviews from potential readers and experienced writers to choose the appropriate title.


5. Design the cover of your book


Here, you will have to hire a pro because you cannot do it yourself. You need to find a professional who regularly design book covers to get the best design. If you have writers who have published books lately, you can get recommendations from them when looking for a pro cover designer.


6. Format your book


You can hire someone to format your book for Kindle and CreateSpace because it is tiresome and time-consuming. The second reason why you need to hire someone else for the job is to ensure that the work is done as required.


7. Upload your book to Kindle


You will have to create an account if you don’t have any to help you find instructions about setting a price for your book, creating an author page, uploading your book and writing your sales page copy. Once you’ve uploaded the book, completed your sales page and author page, you can publish your book.


8. Publish your print book


There are many places where you can print your book but CreateSpace is a preferred option. Once your book is formatted and both covers are designed, you just need to upload your book to CreateSpace and then follow the instruction given. If you run into any problems when using CreateSpace, you can contact their help centre.


Finally, you will have to promote the book you’ve published to increase sales. You can use a blog, email list, social media or any other means you can market and promote your book.